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‘I get my inspiration from everyday life: the things I see or the things that happen to me’

Jan Anton van Dis (Wieringermeer, 1945) attended Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Afterwards he worked at a book company for many years where he succeeded his father, but eventually he decided to become a painter. Van Dis was fascinated by sculptures since a young age.

The works of Van Dis show surrealistic and realistic aspects. The worlds he depicts seem unable to exist yet they have a very natural feeling. A lot is happening in the paintings by Van Dis, or put differently: it seems like something just happened or is about to happen.
In any case it seems to be something massive and threatening. Heavy clouded skies are hovering above the landscapes, dark, threatening or just lighting up. A rainbow, wires or poles shoot like arrows through the image. The sea, the lands, the mountains; they look just as threatening as the skies. Objects in peculiar combinations and situations move forth between the sky and earth.

The artist is searching for the mystery of reality. The atmosphere, the elements and the objects that are placed together in a bizarre setting seem not to make sense at all. In this way the painter activates the imagination of the viewer. The image appears to be frozen, which gives the viewer’s imagination time to play. The artist strives to satisfy himself through his own perspective as a painter as well as satisfying the viewer through his work.



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Jan van Dis

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