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Karel Buskes (Gendringen, 1962) pursued his education at the Minerva Academy in Groningen and for several years he has been painting cows. He explains: ‘what fascinates me about cows is the fact that they are so enormous and yet at the same time their physicality is unpretentiously present’.

Buskes paints the cows large, with a lot of attention for their shape. Through his use of soft and particular lighting, he depicts the way cows have numerous shades of black and white.
Due to the subtle degrees of color and the often remarkable cropping of the picture frame, the painter manages to create a lively effect. The moist noses of the cows almost seem to come forward towards the viewer. The painter achieves to depict the emotion these animals can evoke and because of this, the cows seem to be tangible in several respects. Herewith, the animals attain an identity that exceeds the animal itself.

Besides cows, in recent years Buskes has painted landscapes with a single caressing stroke of light, a dynamic coloring scheme and raw brushstrokes. In these sceneries the painter manages yet again to represent the sense of the space and chooses for a remarkable crop that create interesting compositions. As such, Buskes aims his focus on the stunning reflection of light while painting a forest landscape or a lake, wherein the trees are so to speak growing outside of the image frame.

The artist states rightly so that his works evoke each on its own different emotions: “people who appreciate my work find their way in to the paintings through the subjects and the associations they bring with it”.



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Karel Buskes

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