Pedro Escalona

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‘I want my paintings to eternally capture what the present holds’

The still lives of Pedro Escalona (Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain, 1949) can take your breath away. The way the lighting falls and the clear compositions make the painting radiate certain serenity. By contrasting the back- and foreground, and balancing presence and absence, the paintings create a harmony that is unprecedented. His work radiates certain neutrality through his use of subtle colours and mainly earth tones.

The objects used in Escalona’s paintings refer to his daily life and are therefore biographical without intention. They are objects that are recognizable to us all, however Escalona adds special meaning to them. For Escalona, these objects express feelings. He studies the mystery of representation by painting archeological objects. They remind him of a culture and an existence in the past. In order to enjoy the mystery, one should not view these objects as trivial or insignificant. This way a vase attains just as much importance as the blossoming flowers in it.



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Pedro Escalona

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