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‘I like to let faith lead me’

Sam Drukker (Goes, 1957) studied at the Minerva Academy in Groningen where Matthijs Röling classically schooled him. After his studies Drukker went to work in Paris and Barcelona. Next to his profession as a painter, he also teaches at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam and he founded the ‘Nederlands Portretschap’ where he remained a member till 2000. Sam Drukker achieved Painter of the Year in 2011.
In his figurative work he places the focus on the human. He draws and paints life and the individual in its true form. His focus is so dedicated to this aspect; it sometimes leaves the rest of his canvas blank. Beauty and decay support each other in his work and form an interesting unison. It leaves a theatrical and romantic feeling behind, all at the same time. In every brushstroke Sam Drukker wishes to portray life: the budding, or stilled life, the ecstatic or dispirited life. Sam Drukker’s works allows you to enjoy what you see. Thematically, Drukker often incorporates Biblical motives into his paintings. According to the painter, these motives are intriguing to him due to their inherent dramatics. Besides the importance of the figure, Drukker prioritizes the position, the color combinations and the shape. He does not paint from a clear-cut idea that develops step by step; instead the painter spontaneously paints what grasps his attention of his surroundings. Sam Drukker paints on found pieces of wood, board, etc. His reasoning for this states that ‘surfaces that have had a life on its own, where the traces are visible. That life, that story, I respect that and add my own part to it.’



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Sam Drukker

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