Hendrik Voerkel

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Hendrik Voerkel (Leipzig, 1977)
Studied at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts), Leipzig.

Voerkel paints in a thick impasto, almost like a layer of butter or plaster spread out over the canvas, giving it a sculptural touch. In cheerful, bright colors and strong graphic lines he expresses his view of the city, of the architecture to be found in various places he visited. In the case of “Empeños” this corner of a Mexican street was painted during a scholarship in Colima City, Mexico where this work was exhibited in the Pinacoteca Universitaria Alfonso Michel (Museum dedicated to the history of Colima, focusing on Cubist and Impressionist art). The bright light, the use of strong color in contrast with stark shadows and the powerful use of perspective are reminiscent of the work by Edward Hopper.




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Hendrik Voerkel

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