Galerie Mokum at The Grand

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam and Galerie Mokum are joining forces for the unique exhibition Galerie Mokum at The Grand. As of the 1st of June, the lobby of the five-star hotel will be used as an exhibition space for figurative painting from the Netherlands and abroad.


The monumental building that houses the five-star luxury hotel has a long history when it comes to art. Famous artists have contributed to both the exterior of the building - the imposing façade - and the interior. To illustrate, artists Hildo Krop, Chris Lebeau, Willem Penaat, Joseph Mendes de Costa, John Raedecker, Karel Appel and Johan Thorn Prikker created beautiful art pieces that are showcased at The Grand. Due to the rich art history of The Grand, Galerie Mokum approached the hotel to further expand its exhibitions on realism.


Galerie Mokum was the first gallery in Amsterdam to exhibit realism in Dutch paintings, and therefore plays a significant role in the development of Dutch post-war realism. Today, the gallery features a variety of Dutch and foreign realists.


“Galerie Mokum is thrilled to announce this collaboration with Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. The exhibition ‘Galerie Mokum at The Grand’ is a unique opportunity for our artists to display their works on the walls of this iconic hotel,” said by Gallery Manager Margot Landeweerd “Many of our artists' works seem to have been made for the walls of this historic hotel!” As of the 1st of June, visitors can admire the warm interior of The Grand, which will be complemented by antique cups and saucers by artist Douwe Elias, pastels by Onno Boerwinkel, the bar scenes by Peter Hartwig and the breathtaking still lifes by Pedro Escalona and Justin Wood.


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