Joke Frima in the Drents Museum

From 1 July to 28 October 2018

For Joke Frima, nature is the starting point of her visual observations, in which good looking and analyzing are important. The rich plant world in particular inspires her to make her paintings. In the successive seasons, Frima always finds different manifestations, so that she always experiences the subjects she paints as new. From 1 July to 28 October 2018, the Drents Museum will show 40 paintings and drawings by Frima under the title Flora.



Joke Frima (1952) is a Dutch painter, who currently lives in France. She spent a long time in Italy, where she painted and interpreted nature. In particular the world of plants, which she observes and analyzes. The exhibition title Flora is therefore obvious. "Flora" is botany and Frima applies her own painterly skills to analyze nature and to lay it on the flat surface. She does this through careful observations in nature itself. This leads to paintings in which shades of green predominate and where strong color accents provide both thematic (pumpkins, water lilies) and visual concentration on the main subject.



A publication of the same name will be published for the Flora exhibition, published by WBOOKS. The publication costs € 24.95 and is available in the Museumshop and at Galerie Mokum.

July 24, 2018