Duo exhibition Laura Eckert & Sam Drukker, "After Paradise" in Galerie Mokum

Sam Drukker & Laura Eckert | After Paradise October 15 - November 12 / 2017

Galerie Mokum is proud to present the spectacular exhibition After Paradise with drawings and paintings by Sam Drukker and sculptures by Laura Eckert. We would like to invite you to the opening on Sunday 15 October from 4 - 7 am.


Sam Drukker has done quite well with a series of monumental works. In order to do this justice, it was decided to have the exhibition take place at two locations. At the trusted address of Galerie Mokum, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 334, drawings and work on paper by Sam Drukker hang. Drukker's paintings and Laura Eckert's sculptures are 500 meters away, at Bethaniënstraat 39.


After Paradise

Man is on the move and man is adrift. With this exhibition, Sam Drukker and Laura Eckert both look in their own way for the attitude of man in this process. To the transformation and the state of being. Drukker does this through his paintings and drawings and Eckert through her sculptures. They look for human behavior in search of a place. Towards a new existence and an uncertain future. Life "After Paradise", because paradise was an ideal and we do not live in ideal conditions. Man tries to optimize himself in the rapidly changing world.


Not only the person depicted, but also the materials used once had a different existence. Eckert composes her sculptures from plates and planks of used wood. In addition, the carriers for Drukker’s paintings are old tarpaulins, awnings or residual pieces of wood that would actually make their way to the waste container. This combination of worthless and defenseless with the loving approach to human fate provides a special duo exhibition.


About the artists

Sam Drukker (1957, Goes) studied at the Minerva Academy in Groningen, where he received classical training from Matthijs Röling. In addition to his profession as an autonomous artist, he teaches at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam and was the founder of the Dutch Portraitship of which he was a member until 2000. People are central to Drukker's figurative work. He draws and paints people, life as it is. Not wrapped but in its true form. He concentrates on this so that the rest of the canvas often remains empty. Beauty and decay support each other in his work to a very fascinating unity. This sometimes sounds theatrical and romantic at the same time.


The young sculptor Laura Eckert (1983, Trier) is a great talent in figurative sculpture. She currently lives and works in Leipzig where she has her studio in the Spinnerei. Eckert makes impressive sculptures of wood and stone. Man is central to the theme of her work, in which she searches within human relationships for mutual relationships between cultural, social, biological and psychological aspects. This stratification is reflected in the images of the artist. Eckert does not use models and sketches in the creation of her images. "The heads simply arise, resulting from the shape of the piece of wood. Or sometimes from the face of someone I have seen passing by, "says Eckert.


Contrary to what you are used to, the opening is on Sunday 15 October from 4 - 7 am. Both locations will be open from 4 - 7 am, but the opening will be initiated at both locations in succession. Sam Drukker takes the floor at 5 pm in Gallery Mokum to explain the exhibition. Subsequently, at 6 o'clock the opening will be heralded at Bethaniënstraat 39 by Guus van den Hout, curator and initiator of the Biennale Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek. You are very welcome at both locations!


Drawings and work on paper: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 334, Amsterdam

Sculptures and paintings: Bethaniënstraat 39, Amsterdam

October 14, 2017