Saturday, March 19, the exhibition of Stijn Rietman "Bittersweet" opens in the Drents Museum

Stijn Rietman - Bittersweet

Rietman often approaches his subjects from an unexpected point of view. Searching for a crazy image, a strange subject; that is what gets a lot of attention in his work. By choosing contemporary topics and then focus on their details, there is a tension between a familiar, everyday image on the one hand and the alienating and / or uncomfortable feeling on the other hand, fueled by the charge that the subject has. Everyday objects receive as much attention as classic still lifes. "I find this brief moment of confusion an interesting experience," said Rietman. In his later work he plays with this tension.


Although the painter falls under the heading of 'realists', he prefers to add: "As a painter you always manipulate reality to a greater or lesser degree: you stage, omit or add and give the whole a different atmosphere or extra charge. In my work that is often silence and alienation. A real realist just sits down on a stool and breathes alone. "


A publication accompanying the exhibition will be published under the same title by WBooks.

March 4, 2016