Mokum artists exhibit in Zuthpen

Mooi Oud

A song of praise for everything that becomes more valuable with time.


On Sunday 1 June at 3.30 pm (open from 3 pm).


On the occasion of the opening, Tiana Wilhelm, director of Musea Zutphen and curator of Mooi Oud interviews artist Matthijs Röling (1943). Röling is an advocate and figurehead of contemporary figurative Dutch painting. As a leading teacher at the Minerva Academy and the Classical Academy, he has pioneered the careers of, among others, Sam Drukker, Douwe Elias, Pieter Pander and Nico Heilijgers, whose work can be seen in the exhibition.




The word "old" has two opposites: "young" and "new". Concepts in which people mainly have positive associations. However, the exhibition Mooi Oud breaks a lance for the beauty of old age. A beauty that goes beyond aesthetics. She shows herself in portraits, landscapes, still lifes and objects. Many artists are fascinated by the traces that time makes and know how to depict this penetratingly.


More than forty artists give their view on the accepted beauty of antiques, the melancholic beauty of decay and the enduring beauty of old love and friendship. Be surprised and moved by the way in which they manage to capture transience and freeze time. Old is the new young.




Mooi Oud can be seen from May 31 to September 28, 2014.

May 28, 2014