Exhibition by Matthijs Röling and Robert Vorstman

Exhibition by Matthijs Röling and Robert Vorstman 1-21 November – Fashion house Blok in Uithoorn

Style has no age: the Blok family has been running the eponymous fashion house in Uithoorn for three generations. Full of enthusiasm and passion; with art as an important source of inspiration. In November we organize an exhibition of our favorite artists Matthijs Röling and Robert Vorstman especially for our customers. Works that will also inspire you by their color, playfulness and dynamism. As lasting memory, every visitor receives a reproduction of his choice.


Matthijs Röling

Matthijs Röling (Oostkapelle, 1943) is considered one of the greatest figurative painters in the Netherlands. His paintings are full of symbolism and references to a fantasy world or distant past. In his portraits and figure studies he shows man in all its facets and for his still lifes he uses the expression of matter, light and color as starting points. The

Drents Museum organized the retrospective this year. Thank you: Matthijs Röling. At Blok we show the paintings from private individuals the collection of Cees Röling. Cees is the eldest son of Anna Röling-Blok, who started Modehuis Blok in 1938. An excellent opportunity to see works that have never been exhibited before!


Robert Vorstman

Robert Vorstman (Amsterdam, 1975) makes the most striking paintings with his direct, picturesque brushstrokes. With a loose, impressionistic touch, he captures everyday scenes and encounters. Robert knows how to convey his enthusiasm for the subject in a very direct way to the viewer. He knows to arrange colors and light in such minimal way that the paintings seem to come to life. Many of the paintings are sketchy and parts of them remain the background, whether or not provided with a monochrome color, unpainted. In this way, the viewer's gaze is automatically drawn to the most important part of the painting.

October 26, 2019