Dorine van der Ploeg in Museum Valkenburg

‘Collages’ June 30 - September 22

Museum Valkenburg shows an exciting exhibition in the upstairs room from June 30 to September 22, 2019 with work by Dorine van der Ploeg. Dorine returned from especially for this exhibition from Amsterdam back to the region where she grew up, to work on a new series of collages. Dorine van der Ploeg (Heerlen, 1983) graduated from the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam in 2015 under the supervision of the English artist Jim Harris. Inspired by his way of looking - it is only when you observe your subject closely that you discover that it is much more interesting than its image of it in your head - her work is the result of a continuous observation of her direct surroundings. Parallel to this observation process, an experiment is taking place using various materials, techniques and mutual combinations. It is the fascination for the spontaneous brush stroke and its clarity, which is behind the making of Dorine's collages.


The exhibition in Museum Valkenburg presents two series; the "Green floor / Red floor" series, in which Dorine illuminates the floor of her Amsterdam studio with the help of oil pastel and paper on cardboard has captured, and her most recent collages on paper. The last series is in the period from February to June made in a 'studio' that extends from Houthem Sint Gerlach to Schin on Geul. Dorine heads into the landscape with a bag full of painted sheets of paper to be inspired on the spot by the light, a color, the grandeur of a tree or the depth in the landscape. Shapes and colors create a performance in which at the same time pre-eminently - visible in the larger works - different snapshots come together in a collage of observations.

July 5, 2019