Justin Wood (1982) is a painter originating from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He is interested in traditional techniques and genres. Starting from a young age he started to draw, after which, at high school, he switched to painting.


Wood studied at the University of Syracuse, where he followed an education to become an illustrator among the respected illustrators Murray Tinkelman and John Thompson. During his studies at the university he took lessons in figure drawing by the figurative artist Jerome Witkin. In this time, Wood acquired knowledge of the history of classical painting. This experience had the effect that Wood changed his focus to the fine arts.


For his graduation, Wood joined Jacob Collins in the Water Street Atelier at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York, where he studied full-time for five years and served as Jacob’s studio assistant. After finishing his studies, Wood became a teacher at the Grand Central Academy, teaching in drawing to examples of sculptures. Wood paints still lives, portraits and nudes for immediate observations in his studio in New York.