Kenne Grégoire

18 March - 15 April 2023
‘Painting is the utmost devious and inefficient way to capture your ideas and emotions. But exactly that, the deviousness and many limitations that come with it, make the outdated art of painting so intriguing.’

 Whether it is a still life or a vibrating scene, in all compositions one can find decay and beauty in the works of Kenne Grégoire. The objects in his still lifes are damaged, dented and rusty because they have been used and have had a life on their own. In order to depict the wear and tear of the objects, Gregoire uses subtle colours, which he applies with a high level of technical skills. His theatrically dressed people often express loneliness, doubt and desire. These paintings have a different coloring scheme than his still lifes. The glee of the colorful image has a contrasting sadness and lowering to it. 


The backgrounds in Grégoire's painting often come through and become a part of the composition. The perspectives are sometimes disrupted in a way that it appears to have different perspectives at once. The viewer is seduced and the eye is deceived. The intention of the artist is to hint the viewer towards the fact that you are looking at an illusive world derived from the artist’s imagination.



Installation Views