Rafel Bestard

1 February - 7 March 2020

Solo exhibition Rafel Bestard extended until March 7, 2020!

The solo exhibition of the Spanish oil painter Rafel Bestard has been extended for a week and can be seen until Sunday March 7 in Galerie Mokum.


Bestard about his work: "There is no doubt that there is a world outside of our thoughts that we only know through our experiences. Experiences such as observations that we gain through our senses. But also knowledge, memory, fantasy, imagination, dreams ... Conformism limits our experiences in everyday life, but inside is the realization that there is a world outside of us. The world we are trapped in.

I want to reveal something with my paintings and give meaning to the increasingly complex world in which we live. My work explores the relationship between fusion and fundamental opposites: light and shadow, love and death. The use of a painting technique in the tradition of old masters and influences such as the philosophy of Bachelard and the films of Kobayashi, reveals new representations of eternal issues. "

The exhibition with 15 new works of various sizes can be seen until 7 March in Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam!