Zoey Frank : "Everyday"

16 March - 14 April 2019
Press release

Zoey Frank on her show “Everyday”


Every day we repeat a set of tasks. Activities like preparing food, washing dishes, doing laundry. Recently I’ve been painting the mundane objects I encounter every day: deli sandwiches, dirty dishes, laundry, cleaning supplies. Painting these objects again and again in series mirrors how

we engage with them: repetitively and towards a purpose. These objects have no special interest for me; their very banality helps me to turn my focus away from the objects themselves and towards the image as a whole: the flat shapes, the balance of light and dark, and the interaction of color. Over the last several years, time has been a central element in my paintings. I’ve painted from motifs that shift over time—a lemon tree as it grows and its fruit matures, or the objects on a kitchen countertop that are rearranged every day through use. Remnants of earlier states remain on the surface of the finished paintings.


This focus on questions of time and pictorial space has led to the introduction of some abstract elements into my work. As compositional problems come up, I’ve started using arbitrary planes of color rather than objects to resolve them. This has freed me up to make intuitive changes

while I’m painting. As I make changes to balance out the composition, the space of the painting becomes fragmented in a way that interests me.


About Zoey

Zoey Frank (1987 – Boulder, Colorado, United States) has followed a four-year classical painter educated at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, where she was accompanied by Juliette Aristides. Afterwards, she obtained her master's in Fine Arts at the Laguna College of Art and Design. Zoey Frank won several honorable awards, including three Elizabeth Avigdor Arikha exchanges, the Greensheilds Memorial International Residency Scholarship, the artist's Grang MagazineAll Media Competition Prize in 2012, the Hudson River Fellowship in 2012, a study grants from the Albert k. Murray Foundation, the Stacy Foundation and the Art Renewal Center. Her work has been showed in the Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, the artist's Magazine, International artist's Magazine, Southwest Art and the Figurative Artists Handbook.